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Emerging and Evolving Threats
Wireless Signals are Everywhere
Government, Banking Institutions, Data Centers, Research and Development Facilities
Electromagnetic Safe Environments
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Welcome to Faraday

Faraday Structures provides innovative electromagnetically protected and monitored products and services that provide physically secured wireless communication environments. We build solutions to prevent companies from being susceptible to signaling threats, restrict communication hacking, and to maintain fiduciary responsibilities by securing sensitive information.

Cyber and electronic security are at a cross roads of physical and software protection, where hacking and spoofing technologies are at a point where no one’s wireless information is safe. The only sure way to protect wireless information is to physically deny access to it. There is a growing worldwide demand for electromagnetically secured facilities impervious to high frequency RF emanations and other electromagnetic threats.

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Who We Are & What We Do

  • More than forty years of research, technical development, and engineering expertise in RF and EMF signaling security
  • More than twenty years of scientific experience with aerospace, defense, medical, and electronic industries
  • Strong research & development background with a focus on RF protected spaces and cost effective, high performance solutions
  • Proprietary end-to-end technical solutions designed to protect the most secure global organizations
  • Advanced proprietary materials and continuous development to challenge emerging and evolving security threats
  • Specialized implementation by certified industry experts and active facility monitoring to protect against leakage
  • Annual certification process to test, monitor, and structurally review rooms to ensure an accurate Faraday Certification
  • Full professional service delivery lifecycle including planning, design, implementation, testing, and certification
More About Faraday

Our Solutions

Faraday Structures provides industry leading risk mitigation solutions and techniques for information protection, facilities technology, and wireless signal protection.

Faraday Room

Thwart unauthorized wireless signals, snooping, or intrusion of your communications


Protecting your company and organization against unwarranted wireless signal threats


On-demand security monitoring to maintain a secure environment for all business activity


Assist in the planning and building of entities and enterprises to ensure the highest levels of security

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